Friday, September 2, 2011

Vintage Kitchy Pottery

Hull, Sunglow pottery...

Kitchy...there is no other word that sums up this pottery better than kitchy.  It clutters my kitchen, is a pain in the butt to dust and wash, and every piece make me smile every time I look at it!  As a collector of vintage things, I buy what I love...what makes me happy...what I feel enriches my "vintage stylized" life.  These small pieces of pottery
are not very functional but are just make me happy.  Whimsical is another good word for them.  Some are just little statues, while others are planters, creamers, or a cookie jar.
There is the little dog that peeks out at me in the morning from on top of the microwave...and the little DeeLee girl that daintily stands, partially hidden behind my kitchen window curtain.  There is the poodle that holds coffee stirrers and the cats that sit atop my refrigerator.  As I zombie my way to the coffee pot every morning, I am surrounded by happy, silly pottery figures...and I can't think of a better way to greet the day! 

microwave dog...

cat cookie jar and

The top of my kitchen cabinets...
pottery goes around 3/4 of the room!

To the left is a little wall-eyed dog
that I just love...

My little Lefton's poodle
holding coffee
stir sticks

novelty planters...

And the grand finale is Crazy of my absolute favorites!


  1. Love your collectibles and the fun way you display them. I too am drawn to Kitchy pottery; it started with vegetable salt & pepper shakers. I have a windowsill in my kitchen where they sit and charm me.

  2. Thanks Monica. It sure makes doing the dishes a lot more pleasant when I'm surrounded by vintage things that brighten my day. I love salt and pepper shakers too! Happy vintage hunting...