Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flowers or Diamonds?

I recently discovered that there is a man who visits my work each week selling roses.  Now, I have always loved fresh flowers in my home, but often feel a teensy bit guilty buying them.  I mean, it's not like the money couldn't be better spent on oatmeal or eggs or salad least that's the thought that loops through my head whenever I am tempted to buy cut flowers.  I don't know where it comes from...must be the ugly side of frugality rearing its head.  If the flowers are potted or are a packet of seeds, I can/will drop money without a thought and not feel even a twinge of guilt.  Fresh cut flowers, not so much.

So, I was ecstatic to find that the roses are gorgeous, last forever, and are reasonably priced.  All criteria met to quiet the guilty voice of "money could be better spent," and I now have beautiful cut flowers in my home.

Years ago I took a calligraphy class and for my final project, I wrote and illuminated the following quote:

"I would rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck..."

And the sentiment is still true.  These days I might take the diamonds, sell them, and then be able to afford more roses on my table...but the beauty of flowers wins every time with me.  How about you...roses or diamonds?

I love old picture frames, placed on my and memories...

I collect milk glass and the vases look especially nice in the Spring with fresh flowers...the stark white of the glass sets off even the most subtle colors in a flower...I find milk glass to be very under appreciated in the collecting world...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sick, Sick, Sick...

So, I dropped off the face of the earth due to being very, very sick...the kind of sick where you can't move and you just wish you could sleep every second of the misery.  Yep, that was me...and then came the bone rattling cough.  So much for that sleep thing when you have to cough all night.  So, I am now without a fever and chills, but am still wracked by the cough.

Needless to say, I now have to catch up on all of the stuff that didn't get done when I was sick.  Unfortunately, as any woman can tell, the house does not stop getting dirty, the laundry does not stop piling up, and the dishes do not wash themselves when one is sick.  I have dust bunnies in my house the size of sheep!  So I spent today playing catch up...not much fun, but cathartic all the same.  I do like to see things become clean with effort.

No junking this weekend...but my Go Baby Accuquilt die cutter did come in the mail...yayyyyy!  That is a very, very early birthday gift from my husband.  I pretty much told him he was going to buy it for me, but he is very happy when I do my own gift shopping as it saves him the anxiety of will she like it.  So, now I am waiting for my dies to come...I cannot cut a thing, and am just left staring at the empty Go Baby and all of my yummy fabric instead.

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

I've also done a little knitting...I went to the Stitches West Marketplace at the Santa Clara Convenetion Center a couple of weekends ago.  If you have never been, and don't know what this is, it is a giant mecca for yarn lovers!  It took my sister and me 6 hours to do the entire event (with a break for lunch of course).  Knitting is one of those hobbies that is shared by such a large swath of people....from the applique sweatshirt crowd, to the pink streaked hair and nose stud crowd...all brought together to chatter over yarn!  It is an amazingly fun and expensive (if you buy as much yarn as I did) event.

A bowl full of yarn
I liked the way the red yarn looked with my red sweater although
I don't think it translates well in this picture...

Well, that's about it for me and my thoughts and my happenings...I hope you all have a great and flu free week...