Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Gardening

half baskets with burlap sacking to keep the soil in...
I like the rustic look of it

Well, just like my house, I am a cluttered gardener.  I mostly squinch things up in containers because I really do hate to weed and deal with gophers.  Also, one just has so much more control with containers and I have had good luck with container gardening.  Now, I'm going to warn you up front that I am not a Better Homes and Gardens kind of gal, so you can go click on something serene and perfect before investing the time here if that's your thing.  Not that I don't love to peruse pictures of those kinds of's just that I work full time, like to cook, knit, embroider, sew, have a social life, am a rabid reader and need to get some sleep somewhere in there.  You can't really expect me to have a perfectly tidy garden now can you?  Instead, I have a slightly messy, barely controlled chaos of a tiny garden that invites a multitude of creatures to visit daily.

Some embroidery that takes garden time
but is still garden inspired
original Vogart embroidery pattern from the 1940's

I must say that I am really looking forward to the strawberries I see on my plants...the blackberries are ripening nicely...and the tomatoes are already flowering.  The cucumbers have popped up as have the wax beans...and the sweet peppers are looking nice.  The carrots have little tiny whispy tops and I'm trying a watermelon that is supposed to grow well around here (colder temps)...we'll see.

And not to forget the flowers, my lavender poppies have sprouted and my scarlet morning glory is coming along....the marigolds have sprouted, the lavender looks beautiful...the salvia is blooming again and the roses are huge and fragrant...and that wonderfully old fashioned flower, the nasturtium has exploded into bright                 beauty....I'll have to get more pictures...

Blackberries...I hope the birds don't get them first!

I love Morning Glories and am growing some
this year that are supposed
to have scarlet  flowers 

Cucumber flower


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