Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bakelite, Celluloid, Plastic Bangle Bracelets

Click clack, click clack....the sound of bangles sliding around on my wrists.  I love to wear bracelets, stacked and instant pop of color, sound, and vintage fun.  It brings back the whole feel of dress up...being a little girl, piling on Mom's jewelry during a session of dress up...
I don't wear anything too fancy.  My bakelite is plain, but I love the mellowness of the colors.  I started buying about 8 years ago, when bakelite was already highly priced so my collection is also interspersed with some plastic and celluloid pieces that mix well.  And isn't that what wearing vintage is all about?...mixing and matching to find a look you like, while being affordable to your wallet and lifestyle.         

So, if you crave a little clanking and clacking in your life, go find some vintage bangles, mix them in with your favorite outfit, and enjoy wearing something that not only gives you a stylish look, but also makes a great sound!
these celluloid bangles have the most gorgeous
colored rhinestone

great mellow vintage colors

chunky, plain bakelite 

these remind me of candy, they are so
yummy looking

and this is how I store them...a piled jumble
in a favorite piece of pottery I found in

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