Saturday, December 31, 2011

LUCITE...Reverse Carved Pins

Anyone who knows me or has visited this blog before knows of my eternal love for lucite handbags.  I saw a lucite purse one day and fell madly in love, love, love with it (see lucite post)...and have been collecting ever since.  The lucite pin has a very similar history in my life.

My husband and I were somewhere in the Central Valley, California.  I think we were there for flat track motorcycle races (motorcycles being another joy in my life) and we decided to pop into an old antique store.  Lo and behold, sitting in a dusty case of clutter was a reverse carved lucite flower pin.  I think I actually heard the angels of collecting sing as a single sunbeam broke through the clouds and illuminated the lovely piece of jewelry.  Okay, not really about the sunbeam, but you get the picture.

Prices on these babies vary widely.  It pretty much comes down to how much you want the piece.  They are easily found on Ebay and Etsy, along with many other online buying sites.  Sometimes I find them for a steal and other times, I just really want the pin and pay the premium price.

Check out for ideas of how to wear vintage pins.  If you want to see pages and pages of pictures, click on the link reverse carved lucite pin pictures...and voila, tons of beautiful pins.

So, as winter turns into spring, and we all throw on those coats and jackets and sweaters...think of dressing it all up with a bit of vintage style...add a lucite pin.

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